The ultimate comparison guide to finding the best exercise bike

Best exercise bike comparison chart

Buying an exercise bike

If you’re considering buying an exercise bike, there are some key questions you’ll want answered. Firstly, is buying an exercise bike a good idea? What can it do for you? And if you decide to go ahead, which one should you buy? This site will answer the important questions about buying an exercise bike, fill in the gaps in your knowledge and provide the tools to help you pick the right one for you.

Find the best exercise bike for you

Having decided to buy an exercise bike, and considered which type you‘ll go for long with various other factors, what you need is a simple chart showing the most important information where you can compare the options side by side to to help you decide.

The comparison chart below does just that.

The ultimate exercise bike comparison chart

The information shown in the chart is as follows:

  • Brand / Model
  • Type (upright, recumbent etc..)
  • Resistance method
  • Folding?
  •  Amazon Star Rating
  • Weight
  • Price (range) – as prices on Amazon change frequently, only the range has been shown. For current prices, click the link

You can sort the columns according to the criteria you want by clicking on the column headings.

[table id=1 /]

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